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Some of our Projects

Over the years we have created various projects and made them available to the information security community. These projects were initiated by us but have since taken on a life of their own, supported and contributed to by many. We believe in active involvement in the information security community and contributing back.

Our Services

Web Application Security Testing

Using our in house testing methodologies which are influenced by industry standards we ensure we deliver consistent and quality testing. Combining our software development and security testing experience we know where security issues are likely to occur. Identifying, exploiting and communicating issues such as SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) and many other web related vulnerabilities.

External Network Penetration Testing

We like to think of Penetration Tests as goal orientated security testing. Answering questions such as; Can a hacker breach our perimeter security? Would a hacker be detected if they did? What information would a hacker have access to? How far through the internal network could they reach? Answering these questions though Penetration Testing can ensure you have peace of mind.

Mobile Application Security Testing

We have experience in testing both Android and iOS mobile applications using the latest tools and techniques. Using Static Code Analysis and Dynamic Analysis we ensure we identify as many security issues as possible.

Social Engineering

We do not offer Social Engineering services ourselves, however, we can recommend our trusted partner for all your Social Engineering needs. Get in touch!


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What are our customers saying about us?

"We really enjoyed working Dewhurst Security and would highly recommend them." - Andrew Mason, RapidSpike

"Simply put: Dewhurst Security is next level in terms of thoroughness, professionalism and speed! THANK YOU!" - Dirk Gavor, ThemePunch

A little bit About Us

Security is a passion which drives us to deliver the best quality testing. At every point of a security assessment we aim to increase our value to you. We do this by explaining security issues in a way that is easily understood. Explain the risks of identified issues within the context of your business. Document every part of our assessments. Explain how to remediate identified issues for your particular environment.

Ryan Dewhurst Founder Ryan is the founder of Dewhurst Security and has been working in the security industry since 2009. He has completed a BSc Hons in Ethical Hacking for Computer Security with a First class honours. When he's not helping his clients build more secure software he enjoys managing and contributing to various Open Source software projects. Some of his own projects include Damn Vulnerable Web App (DVWA), WPScan and others. Github Twitter Linkedin

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